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Founded in 2015, MECO. values quality, integrity, and impact.


We believe in ensuring delivery of a quality product down to the lowest level. This belief holds through from our staff to the CEO.  Our customer’s satisfaction is our highest priority. So, we are always flexible in our approach to business solutions in order to provide tailored results.


MECO. and its employees hold ethics and morals in high regard. We would never let a customer or client do something against their own best interest just to achieve a profit. In every situation, be assured that we will strive to achieve an ethical product for all.


In addition to our attention to detail and our adherence to ethical standards, MECO. aims to have a positive impact on the environment and community at large. We believe your finished product should not only benefit you but also the people who are affected by your product. To that end, innovation and sustainability are inherent in our approach to each project.


Together we will embody these values while capturing our goals. We look forward to embarking on a journey with you.


Marcus Evans, President

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