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To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Marcus Christopher Evans. I was born in the Nation's Capitol and raised in Maryland. My grade school days were spent at St. Camillus where I chose to be baptized catholic. The ascetic blur that was high school was developed at Dematha Catholic. But, then the tides of exploration eroded this evident innocence during the tumultuous years at Vanderbilt University. 

For me, this life has always been a task. People were just pieces of a grand plan. Everyday experiences were stepping stones to answering that eternal question, "What's the point?" So, life events were not mine to experience but to analyze. Many of the joys of being young, dumb, and adventurous were for someone else to partake. It was the life of a stoic ascetic. 

Today, I am re-envisioning a different life. In this life, the plan is what I want to make it because we have control of our destiny. Experiences are to be cherished because the sum of our experiences is our life. This life answers the perpetual question, "What can I do?" It's the life of a fervent idealist.

This is my website. Possibly up to date, possibly not. But, always genuine. Take a look around. I am into a lot of different things. If you're into some of the same things, drop me an email. Let's compare notes.


marcus christopher evans
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